Quiz: My Child and the Media

Take this survey about media awareness. The term ‘media’ refers to the TV, the internet, movies, magazines, radio, song lyrics, and all advertising sources, including billboard advertisements.

  1. I know how much TV my child watches daily.

  2. I check the internet sites my child has visited.

  3. I know what kind of music my child listens to

  4. I know which TV shows and movies my child watches.

  5. I have set limits on how much time my child may use the internet.

  6. My child is not allowed to wear clothing that contains advertisements of tobacco or alcohol.

  7. I am aware that in my city/country, tobacco and alcohol companies advertise their products. I have taken time to discuss this with my teenager.

Answering yes or partially shows areas where you are media sensitive, and realize the impact that media can have on your child.

Learn more about the media and how it can influence children’s attitudes about drugs by reading the rest of this chapter. Remember. By ‘drugs’ we mean illicit drugs, as well as alcohol and tobacco, and misused prescription drugs.