Why use drugs?

Why do you think adults use drugs? Consider this question for a moment and list 4 reasons why you think adults use drugs.

Remember, by drugs we mean all street drugs, prescription drugs found in the home or that can be purchased illegally, non-prescription drugs available in stores, household products such as inhalants, drug substances, tobacco and alcohol.

Here are some common reasons why adults use drugs:

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What do you notice about this list? One thing is that these reasons remind us that drug use has several effects on the user: emotional changes (how we feel), social interactions (how we react to others in a relationship and in social situations), and physical changes (how our bodies feel).

And there is another thing about this list: All of the reasons listed for why adults use drugs are also relevant to why teenagers use drugs. Just like adults, teenagers will say they use drugs to provide comfort, to change the way they feel, and to make them feel better.

Of course, these effects are temporary, which leads some people to continue to use. And when drug use is repeated, a person can become dependent on them and even get addicted.