Building Protective Strengths and Assets Works!

For some parents, life may have seemed simpler during their teenage years compared to what are faced by youth today particularly given the changes in technology, media and in terms of what we perceive to be different attitudes and behavior. Yes, your generation had drugs, alcohol, pre-marital sex, violence, and school drop-outs, but the current generation has all of those plus new concerns, including some that require more adult supervision. Many families have both parents at work, and that means that many children spend more hours without adult care and supervision. Also, for various reasons, there may be an overall attitude by many adults that youth today are more mature than they used to be and therefore need less supervision. I wonder if this is true? What do you think?

The reality is that our children and teenagers still need parents to be there for them.

Youth still need adults in their lives to be present, reliable, and consistent in what they say and do. This is the solid foundation for growth and development. These qualities form the basis for good relationships and communication between parent and child. This strong bond between a child and his or her parent is a key “foundation stone”, tool (or asset) to helping youth deal with stresses and challenges they experience as they grow up. And prevention-smart parents can also help create and support many other tools or assets.