Additional Resources:
What to Do if My Teenager is Using Drugs

Here are some websites to help you learn more about getting professional counseling and treatment if your child’s drug use is a serious enough problem.

United States

The Partnarship at Wide range of practical information about how to talk to a child who needs treatment and what you can expect if your child goes into treatment.
From the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a summary of principles of treatment is provided, including what you can do as a parent to help improve the likelihood of treatment success for your child.
Concise presentation of drug use issues for parent of teens.
A national resource center for communities who are working to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse across the nation.
Provides educational materials on alcohol abuse and alcoholism as well as phone numbers of local NCADD affiliates who can provide information on local treatment resources.
From the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, this site makes available free informational materials on many aspects of alcohol use, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism. Talking with your children early and often can make a difference. Get the facts, the tools, and the advice you need Substance abuse treatment locator for programs in the United States
“Our website is a teen help network made up of teen mentors that have the desire to reach out and connect with one another. We are a volunteer based not for profit organization that survives on the kind-hearted sponsors and members of our site. Our staff members have not been chosen for their spot-free record, but rather for the real life experiences that they bring with them that may be useful in the resolution of fellow teens' problems.”

Although geared to teens, this site can be a useful source for parents of teens.

South Africa
The web site of a nonprofit organization in South Africa that focuses on recovery – SA Favor – it includes a directory of treatment programs in that country.

United Kingdom
Provides a wide range of information on drug abuse and recovery. National Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Directory (UK Drug Rehab) Links to Websites with information for parents and carers

Europe National Agency Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse (MALTA) Sedqa the National Addictions Agency in Malta offers health promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services to persons with drug, alcohol, and/or gambling problems, and to their families. Treatment Locator for all regions in Norway Overview of treatment for substance abusers and the expected waiting period.

From the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, this site makes available free informational materials on many aspects of substance use and abuse, including treatment options and services. GET IT BACK! A parent information series about teaching children to talk about their feelings; how to deal with peer pressure; talking about drugs; how to talk with you teenager about drug use; how to intervene when your teen is using drugs; supporting your child in recovery.