Prevention-Smart Values

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Equality and social justice

Promote awareness that we all need to have social responsibility. Emphasize the value of helping others who suffer from inequalities, poverty, hunger, handicaps and loneliness.


Support your child’s efforts to have confidence to say what he or she believes and to protect these beliefs.

Seek opinions from your child, and take time to listen to your child’s thoughts about things that matter to him or her. Even topics like bad calls in a football match, or witnessing others’ rude behavior can be a good opportunity for your child to sort out concepts like fairness or responsibility.


Encourage your children to tell the truth even when a lie would be easier. Use real-life examples from the family, your past or from the media as lessons about the importance of honesty.


Promote the importance of your child showing respect and regard for his or her own family and property.


Discuss with your child, before he or she reaches the teenage years, the importance of choosing to not use alcohol and other drugs and for choosing health by respecting his body and respecting others.

During your child’s teenager years, reinforce this policy, but also tell them about responsible use. Have a conversation about why people usually use these substances and why these substances can be harmful. Be open to answer their doubts. Provide them with the necessary information to make healthy and responsible decisions.

If your teenager is already using drugs, do not ignore this.

Prevention-Smart launched for initial evaluation on June 26th 2009. If you have any comments or feedback, please email us via the contact form.