Practice Scenario: Child older than 12-years-old

Scenario 2: Karina (age 15) spent the night at a friend’s house. At home the next day, Grandmother notices that Karina’s jacket smells like cigarettes, then finds a pack of cigarettes in the jacket pocket. What should Karina’s grandmother do?

  • Option A: Karina’s mother smokes, and Karina’s grandmother is afraid that both of them will be angry if she mentions her concern. Grandmother decides not to say anything, and waits to see if the same thing happens again. She calls the mother of Karina’s friend and tells her about the cigarettes. Later that week, Karina discovers grandmother’s phone call. She is angry at her for getting her friend in trouble and for not talking to Katrina about the issue first.

  • Option B: Grandmother throws the cigarettes on the floor. She yells at Karina, tells her she is not allowed to see her friend for a month. She tells Karina to go to her room and think about what she has done.

  • Option C: Grandmother asks if they can talk. At first Karina is hesitant, but then agrees. Grandmother says she found the cigarettes and is worried that Karina is smoking. She asks Karina if she is really smoking, and says that she doesn’t agree with that behavior.

What would you say and do?