Imagine you are trying to get another parent to have a talk with their son or daughter about drugs. How would you respond to each of these possible excuses or reasons that a reluctant parent may offer for not wanting to have the talk?

  1. I took drugs when I was young, and it didn’t seem to hurt me.

  2. Adolescents need to experiment to find out what life is all about.

  3. Everyone is doing it and I don’t want my child to be isolated.

  4. What if I’m wrong about my child’s drug use? My child will be angry, and our relationship will break down.

  5. I am not a very good parent and this will be very hard for me to do.

  6. I don’t know how to start this conversation.

Try these out with partners, friends and even your child if they are not involved – better to have such debates before drug use starts than after!