Adolescents may be more comfortable using the Internet than any age group. They have grown up with this new technology and are very comfortable using it. They use it for receiving and sending e-mail, downloading music, listening to music, visiting chat rooms, socializing, and buying stuff and playing games.

Kids using the internet on laptop computers

Some facts:

  • It is estimated that about 75 percent of teenagers use the Internet on a regular basis.
  • Almost 80% of US kids are exposed to persuasive tobacco marketing over 17 times each year on the Internet.
  • Alcoholic beverage companies have created over one hundred internet websites to advertise and promote their products. And many of them have a strong appeal to youth as they include interactive games and contests that offer prizes.

Some Internet drug sites may even encourage drug use. Some go so far as to glorify drug use as a harmless recreational activity, or as a means to expand brain power.

And the Internet may be a source of drugs. It may be as easy to buy many types of illicit drugs online as it is to purchase a book or CD. These drugs include powerful pain killers and “date rape” drugs.

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