Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising

Here are a couple of ideas to get you and your kids thinking about their exposure to tobacco and alcohol ads.

Option 1: Next time you are at the gasoline station or store, take notice of the tobacco and alcohol advertisements. How many can you count? Where are the ads placed? Are the ads close to the candy, snacks, or magazines? Are there sales, discounts, or prizes that are being advertised for certain brands? In contrast, are there any postings about the dangers of smoking or consuming alcohol, if so how many are there? Take time to observe the cashier and the customers. Are there young looking adults that are purchasing alcohol or tobacco without their age being verified (carded)?

Option 2: Tobacco and alcohol companies pay a lot of money to have billboard advertisements. Next time you are on the road, observe the number of billboard campaigns you can see that advertise alcohol or tobacco. If you are walking or taking public transportation, do you notice people wearing clothing (hats/t-shirts) that advertise alcohol and tobacco? Do the ads seem appealing to only adults or do they also appeal to youth?