Talking to Your Child About Drugs

Check the information on drugs and write down the things you read that you think are really important to share with your child.

Now plan how and when you will share this information with them. Plan your responses to statements like:

  1. But it is fun to try cannabis. I won’t use it a lot. Just for fun with my mates.
  2. Everyone else does it and they don’t come to any harm.

  3. I bet you tried it when you were young.

  4. It is no more dangerous than using alcohol – even less dangerous.
  5. It is medically beneficial and being made legal to use in some places.

Hints for answers:

  1. Using cannabis may appear fun and it may be so once or twice – but it may also cause problems. It can become a habit and it does have a negative effect on your health, memory and brain development. And by the way it is illegal!
  2. No they don’t. You may think so but the statistics show only a minority use cannabis even in such countries as Holland and the UK. I bet if you did research in your class or school you would find the same. Remember people claim to have done things because they think it is the answer to give to look big and grown up!
  3. No I didn’t or I may have tried it but I wish I hadn’t taken that risk. I don’t think it did me any good and could have caused me harm – and remember the likelihood is that the cannabis on offer to you is much stronger and potentially dangerous than the stuff around when I was young.
  4. Maybe – maybe not. Alcohol has many problems associated with its use and effects so it is no good saying one harm is better than another harm. We should discuss alcohol and its use – alcohol is legal and is used by many people. But let’s not add another drug when we know it can also cause many problems.
  5. Some research does indicate this and it may be that under the right controls and medically prescribed that it could have its use. That does not make it a substance that perfectly healthy people should use when it could also make them become unhealthy!