Do Not Underestimate the Potential Dangers of Alcohol

Prevention-smart parents must consider their role-model responsibilities with respect to drinking behavior. For example, not getting drunk in front of your children and not appearing that you need to drink everyday.

It is probably unwise to have a party where drink is made available for underage teenagers.

Some families do allow children to drink very small amounts of alcohol with the intention of helping their children to learn how to develop a responsible attitude to alcohol and not treating it as something that makes young people want to use it secretly.

Although Mentor views this approach with great caution, here are three considerations if you are going to permit your child to drink a few sips of alcohol:

  • Make sure the drink is given in very small amounts – limit the use. Never allow your child to get intoxicated or drunk.

  • Do not make drinking alcohol the central activity; it should be part of a normal and healthy social activity.

  • Do not give any alcohol – even a small amount – to a friend of your child. You do not know if doing so is okay with the other child’s parents, and it may be illegal in some countries.