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Once you started a plant nursery business, all you want is that everything to be all right. You search for the best plants and you make investments so that they have the best conditions for growing and finally satisfying the clients. The problem is: you cannot do all these only by yourself. That is why you need employees, good employees that can give you a hand in handling the business. Another thing: there is no perfect employee. That is your job to make him be perfect. All you need is an employee who makes mistakes, but who is ready to learn a lot from them and who will do his best to touch your standards.




 Make a big announcement, so they can know about your job offer




 A very important step in finding good employees is the advertising. You need to make a very big announce so that they will notice you and they will try to apply for the job. Once you make some noise, you will be also noticed by costumers who will seem interested by the new plant nursery. Once you gathered a bunch of possible employees, you need to test them really well so you can see if they are capable to face this kind of job. Plus, you need more than one or two employees.




 Testing each one to see their abilities




Then comes a very important part in doing the hiring: despite the fact that some of them are gone and some were hired to take care of the plants and of their environment or hired as accountants and secretaries, the most important job was the one's who was introducing to the client the whole world of the plants' nursery and the one who shows them each plant with its own benefits, the one employee who makes costumers come to buy plants and Living Gift Plants. It is truly hard to find an employee like this but you have to give it a try.




Testing their knowledge for the details about all plants




Now, for this job is really important to have a lot of knowledge in biology. The employee must know every plant and try to share with the clients the real beauty of this world. He has to learn or ideal to know already how to transmit the precious information they have and to make people want to buy plants from the nursery. The employer must test the candidate's knowledge and see if he can do this, if he can continue to bring life and success in the plant nursery business.




Thus, there is no perfect employee, but it is up to the boss to help him be part of the business, to make him involved, to make him feel the pressure of the well started business and to modulate him, so that one day, the whole business and plants to be safe in his hands and you can be at ease.


However, make sure that you do not leave everything on your employees as, as a business owner, even you should have some responsibilities.

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