My dog HATES having his nails done or collar touched

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On a daily basis we hear tales about puppies who hate possessing their ft touched or their fingernails or toenails minimize, this really is usually due to the proprietors or breeders not performing “body desensitization” with their pups with a young age.

If you have a whole new puppy, it’s highly important you should do physique desensitization drills along with your dog when you get him/her (8-weeks aged).

There are 11 key “target” points that you need to give attention to:

1: Kept Ear and Proper Ear canal

2: Muzzle (wide open the mouth, check tooth, seize muzzle, and so forth)

3-6: All 4 paws and nails

7: Throat (collar region)

8: Tail

  1. Holding the dog

  2. Cleaning the dog

We have now dealt with many puppies that are feet and collar sensitive and can be apparently considered reactive in situations exactly where their feet or collar are managed.

In our Dog Training Durham practice, we see at least 1 dog a week who is collar reactive; meaning, it is a dog who is friendly but will react negatively if his collar is touched or handled. The main reason that this can be an concern is which a kid (or complete stranger) who sees that your dog is “friendly” will not understand that these certain places “set them off.” Should this happen, you might be remaining with an “unpredictable bite”. I say unpredictable because to the person touching them, they had no idea the dog was sensitive to collar being touched… but 90% of bites are not unpredictable. So, what’s the solution to prevent situations like this?

By doing these 11 key issues above on a DAILY basis (and also several times per day), it is possible to prevent your dog from ever becoming reactive to becoming handled:

This is the way it must break down for your and you dog:

Contact and support the remaining paw, compliments or deal with.

Touch and retain the correct paw, compliments or deal with.

Contact and retain the back left paw, compliments or treat.

Feel and hold the back right paw, compliment or treat.

Contact and retain the remaining ear, compliment or treat.

Feel and hold the correct ear, compliment or take care of.

Cerebrovascular accident the tail, praise or deal with.

Massage around the collar area, compliments or deal with.

Massage across the muzzle area, compliment or treat.

Hug and retain the dog for a couple of seconds, compliments or deal with.

Give the dog an easy brushing, praise or treat.

Not only will your dog NOT become reactive but they will LOVE you doing these things if you do this simple drill on a daily basis! Why? Because your dog has associated you coming in contact with these areas using a incentive and spoken praise (or even both).

This program requires about 20-30 seconds to complete; for that reason, there is really no reason as to the reasons you should not be doing this along with your dog. Easy things like these exercises when combined with deciding on the best dog, suitable socialization, and confidence developing will make sure you have never a problem with individuals holding your dog’s feet or collar. If you do these 11 points with your pup: your vet, your groomer, and everybody who satisfies your dog will enjoy you for it.

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