Effective use of Benoquin

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Proper use of Benoquin can be used on various reasons, with the main treatment being Vitiligo. It helps in toning the skin to an even color, by reducing the cells in charge of producing the melanin. The melanin is responsible for the color that is present on the skin. The cream that is made with the help of monobenzone works by ensuring that the skin has bleached permanently. It is important to ensure that you have safely used the cream, to avoid any kind of complications get the prescription to using the cream well.


Apart from skin coloration that may be caused by Vitiligo, it is not advisable for someone to use this cream; since this could bring a permanent skin bleaching that is not reversible. For some reason, the skin may discolor following age spots, freckles, perfume allergies, sun spots, skin trauma, or pregnancy the above listed may lead to a discoloration of the skin, that will lead to the skin having patches on the skin. For such instances, it is proper to have the right medication for the skin conditions.


When you have purchased the cream over the counter, you will get prescription. It is however advisable to get professional help, according to the extent of your condition. This is how the cream ought to be applied, for the cream to become effective. First of all, he cream is meant for external use only. For proper use of the cream, a thin layer should be applied to the areas with darker skin, so that there may be uniformity of the skin color. This should be done thrice a day, to enhance a quick process of the skin bleaching. When applying the cream, ensure that you have carefully avoided the areas near the eyes, nose and mouth, since it could cause harm. In case it gets in, you should flush out with clean running water immediately.

Skin care

Since the bleaching of the skin using Benoquin cream is irreversible and has side effects, care for the skin should not be taken lightly. This is because the cream has some side effects of the cream. First, avoid being under direct sunlight, tanning booths and sun lumps may also cause damage to the bleached skin. If you have to be out, ensue that you have used a sunscreen on your skin, which is not below SF 15. It is also important to use protective clothes o avoid further skin damage.

When you get the prescription of the cream, it is important to ensure that you have given in enough time to get the desired results. When you first start to use the cream, you will need to use the cream for about 4 months, before you can attain the desired results. After this, you can apply on the cream for about two times a week. This is to ensure that you maintain the skin color that is uniform, and not to have the areas bleach more than affected areas with the Benoquin cream.

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