Bayern president Franz Beckenbauer

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Tony Wong: Goetze and Franck Ribery different styles, not to be compared honorary Bayern president Franz Beckenbauer said in an interview, do not take to the grid policy and Franck Ribery compared because they are different types of FIFA 15 players. Bayern coach Pep Guardiola in the case of Franck Ribery's absence, the grid policy moved from the middle left touchline, but Beckenbauer believes Ribery grid policy is not the best alternative, he said in an interview: 'You can not simply copy a FIFA 15 player like Ribery, Ribery and grid policy is totally different types of fifa 15 coins , Franck Ribery always able to tear the opponent's defense in the case of one of the wing. 'Beckenbauer added:' grid policy may be more suitable Guardiola's football philosophy, he always sought with the use of the ball and his Ultimate Teammates, I am very pleased with the two men at the same time. Goetze has amazing talent, but he has not really proved himself last season, he needs to continue to improve themselves in the fifa 15 game and become more stable. '

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