Tottenham's most expensive signings in ultimate team history is confirmed Bell did not sell has spent 100 million euros

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Luoma La Gomera Transfers Tottenham Phoenix Ticker early morning of August 29 the latest news, [url=]fut coins[/url] the most expensive signings Spurs history regarding the transfer Lamela obtain official confirmation of the Club of Rome, the red wolf release Transfers introduced in the official website letter to express congratulations to the players love. Lamela worth up to 35 million euros (5 million euros of floating provisions), refresh Roma player worth a record turn out. Agen Ting Yaofeng Tottenham this summer to complete the first 5 transactions, after they had spent nearly 70 million euros, it has introduced Paulinho, Chadli, Soldado and Kapu Ai. This summer, Tottenham set off so many years of generous signings tide in the hope that the ultimate team can return to the Champions League performance area (the first four). Club owner is so generous, to move to Real Madrid from the rival brand Bell confidence. Although the lips have been denied Bell leave, but Tottenham knew definitely worth breaking Welsh superstar one hundred million euros Real Madrid Galacticos sooner or later are a member. Bell left the band when its helpless, as a rainy day, to make preparations in advance. Tottenham and talented magician born in Rome in 1992 Lamela has been flirting for several days, Argentines worth is estimated up to 30 million pounds. And just now, Rome officially announced the transfer to reach and publish a letter of introduction, Lamela reach 35 million euros transfer fee high (about 30 million pounds, which includes five million euros of floating provisions), which also set a Roma player transferred out worth record. Previous record for highest Munoz Marquez, who joined PSG reached 34.4 million euros transfer fee (€ 3 million floating clause). Tottenham reached the fifth pen transfers this summer, and each are called heavy. After the Confederations Cup, Tottenham with 17 million pounds to get ahead of the main Brazilian international midfielder Paulinho, followed by seven million pounds from acquisitions Chadli Twente. Followed by a franchise-record 26 million pounds to introduce Spanish international striker Soldado. Kapu Ai Tottenham recently finalized the transfer, worth 900 million pounds. The four transactions let Tottenham large sums of money to pay 59 million pounds (about 69 million euros). Plus 35 million euros today, Tottenham 5 transactions totaled 104 million euros, almost a man worth quite Bell. If Bell can successfully move to Real Madrid in the first high-priced, so Tottenham this summer's transfer philosophy textbook called general, will become a model. Once Bell could not move, the Spurs obviously toting a huge debt, the outlook is uncertain.

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