Exposure Manchester City last time Arsenal grab Mwila Buying Tottenham partner

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Daily Star: Manchester City midfielder Mwila rush to sign another new candidate for the position, and it is the typical style of Crosses Manchester City! 'Daily Star' broke the news that they will buy Arsenal and Tottenham target M'Vila at the last moment. cheap fifa coins A central defender and a midfielder Mancini primary task in the last week of the summer transfer period, then they are not successful signings, buy Agger and Luis successive refused, reportedly now eyeing the Newcastle captain Kolo Chini. As the saying goes two-pronged, although defender Buying rebuffed everywhere, still looking for a plug and play Manchester City midfielder. 'Star' brings a new candidate, he is 22-year-old French ultimate team Rennes midfielder Mwila. Mwila Arsenal and Tottenham scandal passed a summer, up to now not go up. Mancini midfielder Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi could have been the first choice, but unfortunately he left the ultimate team announced. A rookie luodeweier not meet the needs of multi-line operations, the first round of the league he would have committed a big mistake led to lose the ball, the more determined Mancini buy Mwila determination. 22-year-old Mwila is one of the best French midfielder, in the French ultimate team also established a foothold, and participate in this summer's European Championship. If De Jong to leave, he can make Manchester City's waist harder! Manchester City Arsenal and Tottenham intervention is definitely bad news, after leaving the ultimate team Wenger locking Mwila Song Cameroon fill vacancies, or defensive midfielder too weak. Tottenham, Modric would definitely join Real Madrid, Boas also need a midfielder Mingmuweila level strive Champions League places. Mwila is worth 17 million pounds, Rennes senior Pierre - Oce said Bradley before the end of his future is settled: 'I think this weekend or early next week, his future will have a conclusion but some. complicated because some clubs are not unified internal opinions, and do not want to go to some Mwila ultimate team. '

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