The new updates let fifa 16 become more competitive

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The new updates let fifa 16 android coins become more competitive, and more players like to play it. For this new updates, which is contained many aspects, the strikers, the defenders, the keepers and some others skills. We will tell you the details about them in the following.

In the new update, the striker can not make any forward movements and if you doing that, you will get a foul. The defenders will have 100mph recovery speed, Superman strength and laser beams coming out of their eyes to vapourise attackers. Keepers will save all shots and the world. There has many limits for players to play fifa 16 coins , and let everyone has his own work. sell cheapest fifa 16 coins android for XBOX360,XBOXone,PS3,PS4,IOS and Android.You can also learn latest fifa 16 news from

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