Pakistani media exposure Paris 150 million buy C Ronaldo, Real Madrid or next year release

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RUTHERFORD September 7 hearing despite the summer transfer market has closed, but Brazilian media, 'Global Sports' is still a big news revealed, Paris Saint-Germain (data) has been quoted in the summer window Wanted Real Madrid 150 million euros ( data) Forwards C Ronaldo, [url=]fifa coins[/url] while Real Madrid did not hesitate to reject the highest in the history of this offer. After the summer window closed, 'Global Sports' in the broker's commission income statistics you conclude that owns Cristiano Ronald, J Lo, Falcao, Diego - Costa and other star FIFA 16 players Undoubtedly door the highest income broker, while Mendes could get a higher commission in the summer window, because Real Madrid for the Cristiano Ronald Hoi Paris refused the offer of 150 million euros. If Real Madrid accept this offer, Cristiano Ronald will create the world football transfer fee record. It is worth mentioning that, 'Global Sports' was first revealed in Paris offer 642 million reais buy, then revised to 633 million (about 150 million euros) after 3 hours. 'Global Sports' that, Cristiano Ronald will continue to stay at Real Madrid, but there may be leaving the ultimate team after the season. Under the first, Paris is the only one quote Buy C-Club, while Ibrahimovic is likely to leave the club in 2016, the Paris want to check into a top striker to replace Ibrahimovic, bursting with popularity, strength is superior C-Lo the most suitable candidate. Secondly, the idea of the FIFA 16 players tend to be very important, once Cristiano Ronald realized that he could not continue to be successful at Real Madrid, it is likely that the initiative to leave. In addition, Real Madrid did not like a year ago, as publicly stressed Cristiano Ronald is not for sale. If Benzema, Bell, J Lo continued excellent play, while a decline in the performance of C Ronaldo, Real Madrid it is possible to record transfer fee to sell Portuguese striker. (Ao Baier)

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