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When buying decisions and consumption decisions most important, is the value for money, rather than simply the price, because the customer's consumption levels and consumer psychology is different, for seeking inexpensive, realistic customer, perhaps more expensive than lethal, but for the pursuit of fashion and status customer, not simply the price factor will be able to move them. As SITA floor of Mr. Zhao Bin said, "the ones who enjoy substantial real benefit consumers." In fact, in this part of the customer's eyes "cheap is not good" and what they seek and beyond the product itself to bring their own sense of worth, at this time, value for money, the product can provide more value-added services, continue to provide a premium product capacity is more rational business decision.

After sales doubled last year in this series of promotions and the effect of how businesses receive it? You have not achieved their expected goal? Since the property market this year, and coincides with the "double" holiday, most businesses are reflected in this year's National Day of good business than in previous years. Kyrgyzstan as the floor of the Manager Wu told reporters, "business is better than last year's National Day, a day can sign a dozen basic orders, the 8th most popular." "This year, Chengdu flooring market is good, compared to last year, the sales at least double, "Cui said side edges busy greeting guests with us. Lin licensing floor of Lee also said, "The eleven sales better than last year, to double, but smaller than the floor section, the event is a continuation of the floor section of our price promotions."

In an interview with SITA floor of Mr. Zhao Bin when asked to Day sales, with his face Yue color to with reporters that "this year's sales of at least 50% increase over last year." National Day this year, businesses Le doubled up, consumers buy affordable floor. Filling the brightest marketing skills, make more fiery XI false overturned. Cool earth day, heart micro hot, hot hot promotion floor. Rational return to win market The price war is already flawed flooring sector, however, is but had to fight on the floor of the lack of supervision of the market, knowing that also bite the bullet and jump pit, it can not be said that the business is not upset. After Fuson US home in April, after September the floor price war, businesses suffer, and consumers tired, weakness in the market. Extended to eleven holiday, prices gradually return to rational, the price war is still playing, but it is no longer a cheap promotional blind as before, but a rational none other promotions.

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