Blizzard answer your questions! Runescape national costume players big collection problems

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current national service network war 'Runescape' operations team in the form of blue posts of Runescape players announced to the nation: the player is collecting all kinds of questions about the 'Runescape' through various channels. These issues will be the just-concluded 2013 Blizzard Carnival 'Runescape' development team extends forum Q A session, which is fed back to the headquarters of the Blizzard development team, and gives the answer in the near future. (\u003e\u003e Point I entered the official website forum Blue posted the original post: BlizzCon development group discussion as an extension links, we are currently collecting all kinds of questions about the players, 'Runescape' through various channels, these problems can encompass anything about the game. , including game content, activities, competitions, a copy of so much more. Everyone is invited to put forward their own questions, if you think the problem raised by a player and you coincide, and eager to know the answer to that question, please Click to post the top right corner of the 'like' button. The most popular questions will be answered in the next issue of the development team of the post.

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