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Energy-saving building insulation current situation with the rapid development of China's urbanization, construction scale houses is growing, the proportion of total energy consumption in the building energy consumption accounts for the rise year by year, from the last century 10 percent rise in the late 1970s to the current 27.6%, of which heating heating energy consumption accounted for 60% marine teak and holly flooring Iran of building energy consumption. Reason EIFS difficult longevity According to experts, compared with the normal life of the house, the life of the current market generally promote the use of exterior insulation system products is much lower than the average life of the house.

This means that after the expiration of the effective use of EIFS products, energy-saving insulation system houses will face renovation. Experts believe that to solve the exterior insulation system durability and longevity is a major issue in the industry market to be solved. EIFS length of life involves a wide range of issues, from the composition of the material to the system technology, from construction to maintenance process, the process there are many uncertain factors. One is the use of substandard insulation materials, insulation system impossible to form qualified. Some manufacturers to reduce costs, the use of substandard polymer adhesive mortar paste polystyrene board, polystyrene board for the loss lay hidden.

some use polystyrene board weighing less than capacity requirements, greatly reducing the polystyrene board compressive and shear strength, seriously affect the insulation effect and safety of the insulation system; some use neutral or low alkalinity of fiberglass mesh, tensile strength does not meet the requirements, can play a function of the tensile strength of glass effective use of fiber mesh of less than 10 years and the second is not a professional domestic outside play area flooring construction operation is the primary cause of finishes off the product. After adoption by polystyrene plastered exterior insulation system products for multiple testing found that there are a lot of systems using point-bonded construction, since the paste area is not enough, resulting in bond strength of non-compliance, can easily lead to insulation board off .

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