Milan 2000 offer rare Dzeko Manchester City before cleaning Jinxue buy Van Persie

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Daily Mail: Milan rare 2000 Manchester City striker Dzeko offer 'downsizing' to continue in full swing, the British 'Daily Mail' said the AC Milan for the Bosnian striker Dzeko offer 20 million pounds, Manchester City being anxious Cleaning Dzeko introduce Robin van Persie, the two sides are likely to hit it off. Robin van Persie and Arsenal announced not to renew, wealthy Manchester City has become the most popular sign Gunners captain. But a ultimate team of Manchester City Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez, Balotelli and Dzeko, etc. 7 forward, after the first sell-buy is top summer transfer uphold the principle, on the one hand to follow UEFA's financial Deal, on the one hand To pave the way for the introduction of Robin van Persie. Former Bundesliga top scorer last season, Dzeko not happy at Manchester City, at the beginning of the season people vaguely see its former style, then gradually subsided. Sergio Aguero is the main iron quickly return the first return after Tevez, Dzeko and Balotelli can share playing time. Rounds of the European Cup ultimate team after leaving the bar of God determined, leave the only Dzeko and Adebayor et al. 'Daily Mail' said AC Milan to offer up to 20 million pounds Dzeko, Manchester City from Wolfsburg had introduced him spent 27 million, if Milan really out of this price, the City will not care about a mere 7 million, Moreover they are eager sale. Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic one can only rely on striker Dzeko order to win, they uncharacteristically rare to come up with such a generous offer, but Dzeko can also go to the San Siro to play the main location of his claim. Bayern reportedly also interested in Dzeko, but they used to play with a single striker Gomez, now signed the European Cup three goals of Croatian striker Manzu Keech, basic unintentional Dzeko, while he wanted more Serie Development . Manchester City striker 'downsizing' initial success, Adebayor nearly 6 million pounds to about Tottenham, he will get a three-year weekly earnings of 115,000 and 4 million big contract signing fee.

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