If Valve seat filter element has been installed

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I did not get [url=http://www.zjautoparts.net/]Valve seat[/url] to fire, although I didn't really work at it very long. Any ideas on the carb leak? Needle went bad? Float bad?I'm not hurting for a lawn mower, this one will just make life a little easier for the wife to mow...still have my Commercial 10A to chase around until we get this rider fixed.

Probably the most common error in rebuilt carburetors is improper float level setting (or just neglecting to set the float level). All too many people just install the float as it comes; without concern about whether the float may have been bent, and in addition do not bother to look up the correct float level, nor to measure it. It is shameful and slovenly for someone who claims to be a mechanic to work like this.

However; it is also possible (though unlikely) that the rubber tipped fuel inlet needle is sticking in the shut position. This could result from an old needle which was not designed to withstand the solvents in modern fuel.

In either case; the person who rebuilt the carburetor should take responsibility for this.

There is one other possible cause of this problem: If a pleated paper fuel filter element has been installed in place of the original sintered bronze filter; that paper element is directional: It should have been installed with the spring going into the carb first, and the metal end of the filter touching the spring.

The open end of the filter element should be on the outside, against the threaded fitting. If the filter was installed backwards; so that the metal end is against the threaded fitting; it would cut off the fuel flow into the carb.

Check to make certain the float is installed correctly and that the needle and seat are not stuck or damaged.A common mistake is that the "hook" gets caught up under the float tab when installing the top body and pushes on the needle.The float tab pushes or releases the needle and seat, which allows fuel into the float bowl. If the tab is pushing on the needle and seat with no fuel in the bowl, then it won't allow fuel into the bowl.

I am assuming that the needle and seat were replaced and all of the ports in the carb were cleaned out and checked?A proper rebulid on the carb would include completely cleaning the housing. Everything removed, the casing "dipped" and carb cleaner sprayed through every port to make certain there were no blockages.

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