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Alleged that the other alleged unfair competition; "Dekor" represents false accusations (Reporter Chen Junjie) Guangdong surplus Bin nature Wood Corporation (Nature) issued a statement yesterday in Beijing to prepare false advertising, unfair competition by the prosecution Dekor Group (Dekor) and Beijing Dekor Wood Co., Ltd. (Beijing iconostasis). In response, Beijing believes Dekor, nature accusations untrue, will actively respond. waterproof wood composite outdoor swing Nature: nature slander reputation was that in October this year, Dekor in a certain promotional material circulated Home Place Beijing said, solid wood flooring crevices to clean out dust, containing a variety of harmful bacteria, and easily lead to rash , cough, allergic reactions and other substances, affects the health of their families hidden killer.

Also said that the production of a certain brand Dekor floor above drawbacks can be avoided. Nature says public opinion to the media release, the promotional materials denigrate other brands of solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring Dekor a brand other than a serious impact on the reputation of solid wood flooring manufacturers,wood plastic composite decking ireland a direct result of damage to the reputation and nature its products in direct benefits on the market damage. Center Director Hu made the odd nature of brand management believes Dekor violation of the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law", constituted unfair competition. According to "First Financial Daily" reported on December 2, and nature has Dekor Dekor Wood Co., Ltd.composite garden fences dublin in Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of Guangzhou onto the dock.

Flooring industry, said the case was "China first floor litigation case." Attorney nature Zhouzhao Yong said yesterday that nature made claims 500 million at present, Wood plastic composite outdoor fence used in London material litigation against Beijing Dekor is finishing them.

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