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stone industry needs an industry-reflection. If you can not establish a clear destination, there are still blindly fight prices, fight the low end, the local fight, in the end you have nothing, it is easy to step in returning to the past. Have investigated some stone enterprises, the number of people in more than a thousand, equipment investment is still increasing, orders received are low low price, and the market is too single. Currently, the orders in full, profitable business, but rising labor costs is inevitable, leading to capital investment in Exterior Balcony Floor Edinburghequipment precipitation is inevitable, once the market sign of trouble, low-cost order, imagine the impact of the single market. China's stone industry from a global positioning needs the following three aspects: 1, the product positioning.

To consider the product on a global scale at least what kind of position in the country in, whether it is high-end, midrange or low-end products are competitive if not similar products in the absolute superiority, provided that the cost of doing business with the industry is low, so this product is very dangerous. To consider product differentiation on a global scale at least in the country in what position, whether it is high-end, midrange or low-end, there are differences there is a unique competitive edge. If a company's products do not have any difference, no matter how well even if the size and cost, it must also done very tired, not to mention profit margins. 2, market positioning. To be considered in the global market at least in the country in what position, if its market share can not do the same geographic market top few, then the enterprise is very dangerous. That the market refers to both domestic and international markets.

Two markets can not be biased, the international market is the market, the domestic market is also a market, no matter which market if you can do in the forefront, it was all great market. At present, special attention and a correct understanding of the domestic market. Location of a huge population of 1.4 billion arising from the market, it must be an make composite flower planter Africa international influence. China first stone of world production in the world's largest market has done the best companies, it must also be internationally influential enterprises. At the same time, also we need to increase research on the international market. China certainly needs such a big production to the international market to digest, while the international market is hierarchical, ultra-high profits for those Chinese market is difficult to enter the stone business, but in the end relatively higher profits in the international market, China stone business potential in must seize, the next focus is certainly this part of the mid-market. 3, brand positioning. China stone business do know the brand is a few years ago, can also taste great benefits from the brand a few years ago.

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