players can freely switch in the fighting without

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players can freely switch in the fighting without cutting talent, so with DK fight this has obvious advantages. You know, even when many DK tanks can play a good dps numbers, and other damage to the tank can be ignored. DK plus a variety of powerful skills, so that is a real choice for DK tanks. In PVP, functional not to mention magic damage from the death blow and prompt treatment Rune conversion can not be relief, combined with a powerful physical and magical defensive. Some players even think that DK is on the battlefield, the heaviest weight of this balance, which side of people, which side wins the big surface. In the 'Lich King', many players regarded as the second roll DK keyboard occupation (2.4.3 discipline to ride the first one). Over the past two or three years this port cute black cauldron has been back in the hunter, then the hunter's voice seemed crusade because of the emergence of DK disappeared. Blizzard this stuttering too big. Original DK is a great test.

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