"Lock floor" transnational lawsuit

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But the final results of a tuning hammer Chinese companies into a passive. Spread upstream and downstream industries, export enterprises to pay high "slotting allowances" According to the China Forestry Industry Association, Zhang forest, at present China-related companies have wood floor 3000, engaged in wood flooring production, metal building construction sales and services related staff of 200 people, wood flooring output of about 45 billion yuan, the current annual exports to the US 200 million square meters floor. The final, composite wood floor and spread throughout the province upstream fast-growing forest planting.

It is understood that the province hundreds of companies related products exports to the US, total billions of dollars, of which $ Changzhou national wood flooring main production base,white front porch rocking chairs composite material there are only Henglin 232 production enterprises, production capacity accounted for about 2 / 3, exports accounted for 40% of the country. Made one final, Chinese export enterprises will Flooring America can no longer export any lock floor; adding a back to a wood bench to have entered the United States and inventory product will be destroyed or cash deposit in accordance with ITC injunction. If you are in the US market, we have "one-off payment of 200 thousand to 220 thousand US dollars per 2 square meter sales extra $ 0.65" to Unilin's "royalties", which makes our flooring products in the international market price lost Competitiveness.

Development of new technologies, transnational registered patent is a priority is reported that the accused 27 domestic enterprises will face a sharp drop in profits and not behind closed doors in the passive situation, but armed with a big stick of intellectual property rights of foreign giants and refused to let go: Based on this final victory, homes with composite decking Unilin companies such plans in other countries, Canada, Japan and other patent complaints continue to exclude our flooring products in these areas. Insiders said that, it is imperative to accelerate the development of new technologies, development of independent knowledge products, high-quality products, differentiated products, while actively protect themselves, rescue transnational patent registration, intensified in the United States, Europe, Japan and other major trading area registered.

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