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Currently, some domestic companies to develop a thickness greater than 8 mm laminate flooring. Such substrates necessary thickness of the floor used is generally between 9 to 12 mm, the requirements of the substrate and 8 mm is the same, the density of the surface of the need to reach about 1100kg / m3, which is the production of thick laminate flooring condition. Such high-density kids play flooring outside floor substrate region and 8 mm floor are similar, but followed by a high density area than the second floor high density 8 mm thicker, so it's flexibility, stability has greatly improved, but also foot feeling better .

Moreover, due to the increase in the thickness of the floor, the floor can function more absorbing, effectively reduce the noise. In imitation wood flooring, for example, it uses thicker floor substrate, we will strengthen the advantages of the floor and the effective combination of solid wood flooring and the original wood flat printing method to print three-dimensional grain simultaneously pressing a truly exhibit natural wood style, not only in this floor giving consumers a visual sense of real wood, but also seeks to create a wood-like on the foot feeling comfortable and good quality acoustics.

Production thickness more than 8 mm laminate flooring, for the pre made wood slats for park bench in the Sweden production equipment, have a high level of technical requirements so that only large-scale, professional production of the indicators to the products meet relevant national standards. So we need to buy laminate flooring when cognition is not a determinant of the quality of the thickness, the key depends on the manufacturers of timber, strength and technological level.

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