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Sits at home in Memphis today ushered obstacle pelican, pelicans rely Ryan - Anderson very last minute third goal was go-ahead score, but Jiemaikeer - Green Key tipped the experience into overtime. Overtime Grizzlies broke out and firmly in command of the active scene. Eventually, the home game of the Grizzlies to 121-114 conquer Pelican won the victory.

Grizzlies data: Lance - Stephenson thirty-three points, seven rebounds and 4 assists, Matt - Barnes twenty six points, 11 rebounds and 10 facilitates, Jiemaikeer - Green 7 points and 10 rebounds, PJ- Hairston 8 factors 4 rebounds.

Pelican data: Zhu - Huo Ledi 34 points and 10 assists and five rebounds, Anthony - Davis twenty five points and 13 rebounds, Ryan - Anderson twenty-four points and 12 rebounds, Dante - Cunningham 19 points and six rebounds.

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