Matte Black ///M3 Trunk Emblem

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I really want one and I've been searching for months on end trying to find one anyone know of someone who sells them. I have never ordered from them. Are they reliable? I had never heard of them before seeing you link.

Where in NW Ontario are you? I'm in the "greater" Capital Region. Which would make it SE Ontario.

I've heard good things about them, and they are a site sponsor so I would expect their services to be of a good standard.

I'm actually up in Thunder Bay. I just made it back home last night from picking up an M3 down in New York. It was a LONG 24 hour drive going through almost every type of weather That is reassuring! I will be making an order very shortly then!

Congratulations on your new purchase! Did you get hit by the storm that was going through the New York/New jersey? I understand what you're saying about the 24hrs drive. I did the same... I went to Arizona for mine!

Has it snowed in T-Bay yet? I have a friends from work that grew up there. They Worked in Pigeon River for a while. I have been in T-Bay before too but only at the airport. Then I was off to Fort Francis.

I'm very happy to meet you! Thank you and congratulations on your M3 as well, hopefully everything works out for you. We actually just missed the storm, we were able to get out of New York on Friday night and stayed in Pennsylvania but say some snow on Saturday morning but nothing too heavy. I was worried about black ice as the conditions would change from rain to snow and back as the elevation would change but the temperature was right around 0.

Luckily there hasn't been any snow in T-Bay so I can enjoy the M3 for at least another week before it goes away for the winter. I still have to go for a safety and inspection and a detail before I put it away. Thank you as well!

You were very luck to have missed it. I wouldn't want to be stuck in snow with on of these.

As for plating it, do you have your recall letter?! I didn't have mine in hand when I brought mine over and Bimmer Canada was jerking me around a bit. They were asking $500 plus tax for the letter itself but I couldn't get it without a $400 plus tax ECU reflash. Since I have a DINAN performance prgram, I didn't want the reflash in order to keep the program. I faught hard enough with my dealership and managed to keep my program! But I still paid the $500 for the letter.

I also didn't know we only have 45 days to have the car plated. Otherwise it has to be re-exported and never be brought back or pay a serious penalty. I was two days away from losing my car when I got my plates.

If you don't have holes in your bumper and want to keep it that way, the RHO no holes plate relocation kit works very well. But New York State does require a front plate... chances are you have the holes already?

Keep me posted on your progress. I might be able to help if you get stuck somewhere since I have been through this already!!! My order has been placed and I should be getting the black and OEM ///M3 emblem along with black side markers and the reflector replacement piece on the front bumper. I will let you all know when it arrives!

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