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I've lost four finals, if not me, today Argentina pole it is possible to win the Copa The united states. many times, I have felt weary, maybe I can not really help Argentine national group to win the trophy. " Speaking of Messi, he is the king on the cover of EA football game "FIFA" series warranted, From FIFA13 until FIFA16's game cover characters are Messi and others. "FIFA10" cover also possesses Messi. Until this year is going to be on the cover of FIFA17 finally completely substituted.

Each FIFA fans have a very football dream, this time FIFA Messi failed to complete his dream within the Americas Cup field, but I hope FIFA Messi can again be stronger. Like FIFA series involving games, we have been insisting to create you high quality footballing game. Although there have also been twists and turns, but FIFA release the brand new masterpiece FIFA17 in September in 2010. By then, our website will also prepare probably the most favorable FIFA 17 dollars.

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