wood composite flooring

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cylinder temperature have a decisive impact on the main mixing and plasticizing effect of composite materials, the temperature of the extrusion head there Significant influence.{-File.GetString-|-D:\zp\zp-link\8.8.txt Barrel rise in temperature will decrease the apparent viscosity of the melt composite system, help to improve the flow rate of the melt, but the temperature is too high charred wood flour,

can also lead to the viscosity is too low, WPC Study 37 pressure molding process and influencing factors, while not conducive to cooling setting, easy to make the product surface weld marks, the article surface roughness, intensity difference, affect the quality of the extruded product.

Therefore, in the material fully plasticized meet the premise should be to minimize cylinder temperature.Die head to head transition temperature of the cooling and sizing of control on the quality of the extruded product is very significant. If the temperature is too low for this segment,{-File.GetString-|-D:\zp\zp-link\8.8.txt will cause the viscosity of the WPC increased flow difficulties, material flow path at the wall prematurely cooled and solidified,

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