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Panyu dealer home maintenance. Originally thought that the problem can be the ultimate solution, Eco Friendly flooring materials Singapore but Mr. Wang to make a more unexpected happened: "Green Goblin" logo Panyu dealer sent from the master Wang Pavement wooden floor found the batch of wood is not green elf original production, said it might be fake, so the manufacturer is not responsible for repairs, and these wood flooring problems also can not be repaired. And finally, Dongguan staff recommendation 12315 Wang, "Green Goblin" when looking to purchase wood flooring store is located in Haizhu District of Guangzhou, a large building materials supermarket claims. But when Wang sought to find building materials supermarkets statement, the staff of the supermarket building materials replied that this has been attempted to contact the store owner went out of business, but the phone and all calls are not contact, the phone has been shut down, the other telephone number has changed, waterproof decking products and there is no way. Now, when Mr. Wang down the house that "creak" sound of the wooden floor, will be for how to protect their interests headache: to find a store selling wood floor? It has been closed down; look for wood flooring manufacturer, and pushed that the counterfeit products, will not be responsible; pool surround ideas cheap find building materials supermarkets, stores and pushed for the behavior, only to find stores to solve ...... - wooden floor on the market many brands, buy wood floor in addition to more than one eye, fence for kids play area but do not be cheap, but also there are problems in time to recover. A lawyer who advises the person in charge stores continue to recover in the store to buy counterfeit and inferior wood floors claims nowhere, the bitter difficulty Wang silently alone can afford it? Reporters interviewed on the matter Guoxin United Law Firm lawyer Zhang Jian. Zhang Jian lawyer pointed out this analysis, sales of wood flooring stores that obviously is doing something illegal infringement, should be responsible for compensation.

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