Conversion disadvantage for the advantage

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From the above two aspects, we have found a fact: consumers will remember a product (or category) of the disadvantages, thus giving up the choice of the product (category). Conversion disadvantage for the advantage, or at least is to dilute the disadvantage is to induce consumers to buy an important measure. For the wood flooring industry, the market cultivation process, is a disadvantage into advantage process.   porch tongue and groove boards Edinburgh

  In the process of product disadvantage into advantage, we learn from consumer psychology in the description of consumers in order to obtain a solution path: In fact, the definition of consumer products is ambiguous, the product is only to solve a certain type of consumer demand The resulting vector. In more cases, the consumer demand for the product is multiplicity, which means that the need to address the various problems in the process of assessment is the product of consumer decision-making process.WPC Wall board panelling

Consumers, on the other hand, have the multiple needs to be solved at the same time. Therefore, the guidance to the consumer can effectively guide the consumers to solve their own particular needs in the process of solving the demand, Not all of the requirements. In fact, this tells us a simple truth: all the needs of consumers is not easy to be satisfied at the same time, but through the psychological state of consumer research, we have the ability to meet some of the needs of consumers, and even consumers Demand for guidance, so that consumers desire to solve a certain type of relatively strong. outside flooring materials Norway

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