I can competitively play something similar in ESO

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I'm not nearly as concerned about the finer details of labeling different versions as I am about the sweeping changes coming to the vast majority of armor sets in the game. Is anyone willing to post image grabs from the PTS of the 1.3.1 armor sets, like they did with 1.3.0? We're all going to be rebuilding our characters after the update and I like to plan ahead.

Give me enough manageable fights to make me feel like my character is extraordinary and enough challenging fights to make me feel like he lives in a dangerous world, and I'm happy. Variety. Making every single fight hard is as much ESO Power leveling pandering to brain-dead, drooling imbeciles as is making every single fight easy.

Any good game will do a bit of each where it is required. You buff underperforming powers, and nerf overperforming ones. If the Devs are any good at what they do, they should have started off with a sense of where they wanted the player power level to be at, and then once the game is in the hands of the players, they can see where powers put the player in terms of the expected powerlevel. If they are below that level, buff. If they are above, nerf.

It's not rocket science. Always buffing just leads to inflation (and a lot more work as you have to buff EVERYTHING to catch up to whatever is overperforming) Always nerfing just leads to deflation (and a lot more work as, like always buffing, you have to nerf EVERYTHING that isn't underperforming.)

I am hoping that between the fine folk of the forums and the very helpful ZOS community management type people we can try to discern the intended direction of the armor roles in this game and where it is likely to go from here.

Right from the beginning I have been firmly in the camp of "any armor type should be able to fill ESO Gold any role". I have played a heavy armor, greatsword wielding bruiser with a basic heal spell in every single player TES game so far and would love to know that I can competitively play something similar in ESO....

...BUT, I understand the need to delicately balance skill lines in MMO's to appease different player types.

With this in mind, my favored method for the implementation of this type of system is to allow a player to spec into a particular role via skill points in armor passives (i.e. a choice between protective stats or various damage dealing passives in the heavy armor skill line).

This method has the advantage of allowing a player to fill any archetype they want (sneaky thief, heavy knight, spellsword etc) without being bound to a particular set of armor and without sacrificing the ability of theorycrafters to build the best spec you can.

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