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More and more local enterprises in Shenyang flooring, but also gradually realized that their own ideas in the production and marketing ideas on the existing problems and gaps,japan composite decking board the brand has become increasingly prominent. "I hope through continuous efforts to establish a good brand image of the real estate, consumer confidence back."

A local flooring business person in charge said. Foreign brands: the market needs to compete Brand awareness of local enterprises gradually, whether the impact on the existing market structure, the original market will be re-allocated? However, the face of many joint efforts of local enterprises,wood plastic factory malaysia foreign brands will be how to deal with the floor? "The brand formation process is also the process of market purification, from this perspective, the market is also welcome to call for more branded products."

Fillinger flooring Northeast Marketing Manager Sun Dayong said, "Shenyang local brand will inevitably rise In the sales of foreign brands to cause a certain diversion, but this effect will not be too wood fence Spain "Shengxiang floor, said the Shenyang floor space is huge, need more business partners to compete, the rise of local product brands The impact will not be immediately apparent in a short time. The industry, will not be re-shuffle for the real estate floor brand this topic, many dealers and agents have said that if the real estate brand to sprung up, the future market space will be more broad.

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