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6, report for duty time and place 1, report for duty time: Round-the-clock on September 22, 2016 2, report for duty place: Linyi Lushang platinic Er graceful international big public cheap pvc vinyl decking china house (street of Heibei of Su of Linyi city Lan Shan district 1, phoenix square on the west adjacent) 3, traffic means: Airport of city of round-the-clock on September 22 Linyi, wood swing bench replacement slats railway station, station all has make an appointment special arrives directly at a hotel;

The delegate that takes Gao Tie can take congress regular bus to arrive directly at Linyi congress hotel at standing in jujube village 22 days afternoon. 7, conference expenditure Join conference representing conference cost and session have dinner are free, traffic and accommodation cost no need to polish wood plastic composite provide for oneself.

Market analyst predicts, future a few quarters, plywood and answer plywood trade will be indebted, profit hopeful rises considerably. Once announce,collect the information that opposes build a deck bench with back rest dumping tax, the stock market reacts instantly, the stock of the Greenply Industries of company of plywood interior decoration with the biggest India is become ethereal raise 5.32% .


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