the 16 high-precision sanding process

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As China's first floor to warm the floor, the floor than the Ka each substrate are used in high-quality, the whole version of the long version, and then through their own unique prestressed technology, and after a rigorous test of water content patch, Select the substrate to meet the requirements into the finishing line to ensure the high stability of the floor.

Second, the product on the hard work hard. To Bijia Lang ? Titanium series of floor, for example, each floor are modified by BTJ titanium coating paint technology, the 16 high-precision sanding process, 16 UV curing process and all-round six-side seal lacquer technology. This is more than ordinary UV paint film, full of profit and smooth, while the floor pattern more clear texture,

titanium paint is more resistant to pollution and difficult to bleaching. In addition, the core fiber finishing process (to reduce the substrate after forming the internal stress), substrate moisture content precision control technology (to ensure that the finished product floor moisture content in the table),

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