2017 Tiantan furniture business promotion will be held

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The afternoon of December 18, Tiantan Furniture 2017 Business Promotion Conference in Beijing came to an end. The value of the Temple of Heaven furniture, the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the launch of the "line of sub-centennial hundred years" as the theme, have released the civil furniture, commercial furniture, and other series of new products.

Yang Jincai, general manager of the opening ceremony of the first person in person at the scene of the General Assembly leaders, guests, media and dealers friends warmly welcomed the growth and development of the Temple of Heaven for 60 years can not be separated from all the sincere trust and full support, 2016 by the transfer of the production system, the Tiantan furniture from the environmental level, energy conservation, intelligent manufacturing, modern management and other aspects of transformation and upgrading to become the industry leader in the future will continue to unite a new generation of Tiantan people play a good business sustainable development, (Design), manufacturing (construction), commerce and services for the characteristics of large-scale indoor home environment as a whole service providers "as the goal, toward a hundred years of business at full speed ahead of the company's goal is to achieve the goal of the development of the industry.

Recalling the past, the future development of the brand gathered on the development of coffee. The Chinese Furniture Association, Zhu Changling, general manager of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Li Deying, actually home, vice president of Wang Ning, Hongxing United States, the United States and the United States and the United States, Wang Wei, Vice President of Chiron, Wen Shiquan, Chairman of Yifeng Furniture, Wu Houbin, Editor-in-chief of Beijing Daily Business Weekly, and Yang Jincai, General Manager of Tiantan Furniture. The theme of the forum is "Memory of the Temple of Heaven", "How to build a hundred years of business" as the theme, you coffee freely, share in the work and life of the Temple of furniture, deep impression, and from strategic layout, brand building, design research and development, And so on, a total of one hundred words of the Temple of Heaven enterprise development.

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