These days, convincing teenagers to view alcohol use as a potential problem can be difficult because alcohol is everywhere. Alcohol use may not seem all that bad: In many countries and cultures, most adults seem to use it. Alcohol is often presented in a positive way in TV programs and it is commonly used to celebrate major events.

Nevertheless it is not surprising that young people want to try it and use it. Being young often means trying new things, testing new freedom, taking more risks now that parents and adults are not around them as much as in earlier years. It is also readily available for most young people in non-Muslim countries.

Fact Check

Do you know the facts about alcohol and teenagers?

  • One of the first drugs your teenager is most likely to try is alcohol.

  • Yes, alcohol is a drug--not just a harmless substance.

  • Your teenager will likely get his first alcohol from an adult.

  • If your adolescent is like most, the first use of alcohol is likely to happen between the ages of twelve and fifteen – often earlier.

  • Teenagers (and adults) can die from alcohol poisoning, even if they are not addicted.

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