Old street lighting is necessary

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Antique lamp manufacturers found that LED lights because of energy saving, the end of maintenance costs, good color, high luminous efficiency, energy-saving effect is good, and no pollution, long life characteristics, in the lighting applications have been generally attention. With the white LED lighting to replace the traditional lighting research and development has made more and more important results, at present, LED lighting technology matures, high-power LED light source efficiency has reached 120LM / W, urban street lighting transformation possible. LED Lighting Projects LED Source

LED street lamp economic efficiency, environmental benefits and social benefits make LED lights in the municipal engineering, landscape lighting on the promotion of alternative traditional sodium lamp and metal halide lamp become a trend. LED lights as a new street lighting system, through the light energy into electricity stored in the battery, through intelligent control automatically lit and put off the lights. New Maestro Cl Dimmer For Dimmable Cfl LED Bulbs

As the LED lights with green, no electricity after the installation of spending, street style beautiful appearance, in recent years around the world road lighting has been more and more applications. Application technology is also becoming more mature, and thus in the transformation of street lighting and municipal landscape engineering transformation of the preferred program. Best Led Car Headlights

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