"Tailored" furniture

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In the face of market prosperity at the same time, many problems also exposed signs. According to media reports, some time ago, there are users facing "custom furniture is not refundable" situation. As custom furniture is in accordance with the specifications of each owner's house to develop,Plegable silla de playa y mesa de foldiing so "tailored" has become a manufacturer "no refund" reasons.

Not only that, today's good momentum of the development of custom furniture market, but also one after another cut corners, unreasonable size,Muebles de piscina chaise lounge after-sales service is not in place and other issues, and all this also stems from the lack of restrictive market regulations. It was called that the manufacturers of this practice is contrary to the "Consumer Protection Law".

"May not be unreasonable." Guan Yongkang that consider the issue need to be fair. This is due to his understanding of custom furniture transactions,Silla de cuero más popular de los muebles consumers have to save money and lead to the possibility of inaccurate understanding, manufacturers also have the possibility of quality production, but the two sides must distinguish responsibility. The best way to solve the problem is the need to continue to communicate before the production, manufacturers should thoroughly understand the needs of customers, consumers should understand the quality and cost of reciprocity.


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