Solid wood flooring is really cheaper and more cost-effective flooring

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1, the average annual use of low prices. Solid wood flooring is an individual hardwood,waterproof and anti uv walkway wpc decking not only can be reused, and the general solid wood floor of the average life of the floor is very high, as an average down a year did not much money.

2, can deal with unexpected accidents. In fact, there will be many hidden dangers in life, such as sink drowning, water leakage and so on. The solid wood flooring is the use of locking connection,decoration deck railing wholesale price no glue no nails, once the flooding, you can promptly disassemble, dry the second installation, the floor can be intact as ever. But if it is parquet, it will be deformed, layered, from the drum, the overall scrapped.

3, natural gifts, priceless health. Pure solid wood flooring is no formaldehyde hazards one of the geothermal floor, in addition to its physical sense,composite decking fences ideas can effectively adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, the release of Fen more refined and other functions on the health effects of residents is also huge. Therefore, in today's increasingly scarce wood resources, as a durable consumer goods, solid wood flooring compared to the composite floor, the more cost-effective, but also value-added hedge!

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