Floor repair method

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1, white furniture can be used with light-colored wooden floor, giving a natural warm feeling. But the white wood flooring needs to be carefully chosen,concrete patio floor covering because a large area of ​​white tones will make people feel very monotonous, easy to cause visual fatigue, so do not recommend the selection of partial white floor.

2, if the home walls, furniture, a large number of white, you can match the original wood flooring, creating a natural clear room atmosphere. If you want to lay out the white wood flooring,roofing ideas for outdoor may wish to use the gray floor, giving a quiet feeling.

3, the use of fashionable, saturated, with a distinctive personality of the deep purple, in the show left a deep impression. With dark brown to deepen the dark purple comedy exaggerated. If the white furniture too much, then the color of the floor should not be too deep,anti slip coating for composite decking otherwise it may produce a sense of no sense of vision. If you think the color of the wood floor is too monotonous, you can put a carpet to reconcile.

4, light the better room recommended to pick a little dark oak flooring. Furniture, wardrobe, dressing and so on a large area of ​​the use of white,solid horizontal wood fence oak flooring will be the perfect performance of its glory, to add a sense of stability to the space.


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