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Considerations for Choosing New Shaft Ceiling Currently the ceiling is one of the chart of the house design, both interior design and exterior design. Ceiling function to reduce the hot air coming in the interior of our minimalist house, ceiling also serves to withstand seepage of rain water when the roof of our house has a problem.

And one more ceiling function that can not be removed, namely to beautify our home. Home generally use plain model ceiling coupled with lis at the edges. But in fact today there are so many models shunda latest ceiling and materials that can be used for the ceiling that can add to the beauty of your room.

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Ceiling-making material holds a function that is no less important than the type of minimalist home ceilings, especially we live in tropical climates with weather conditions that often change in the heat with heavy rain and high humidity. Aspects that could be the cause of damage to the roof or ceiling of the house. The stronger ceiling-making material you use will be more expensive, but it will last longer until you do not need to change or renovate for a long time. Some quality materials even can also protect the stability of air temperature in the house.

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