material easy to powder and other phenomena

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quality, cost-effective. 4. Practical steel interior doors with excellent strength, no deformation, strong and durable. 5. Convenient for the installation of steel doors inside the door is convenient, that is, buy and use, compared to do their own door for 10 days or even a month, and there are residual paint pollution of the air, steel doors 1,2 hours can be fully installed Put into use, and there is no pollution residue. 6. beautiful steel wood interior door surface through a

large hydraulic press molding, three-dimensional sense of strong, can provide a wealth of style, smooth product lines, fancy variety, industrial production of steel doors tolerance is minimal, the door of the various components with tight, , High consistency. In the shape, steel wood interior door three-dimensional sense of strong, colorful, beautiful appearance of the advantages can be almost equal to the wooden door, and realistic imitation wood grain effect, in line

with public aesthetic taste, with excellent surface treatment technology, The door can almost make any pattern. Material 1, the door material is now on the market of the door material is divided into four categories: 1. Multilayer board veneer door cover: multi-layer film (PVC) or stickers paint, etc., because of its surface using the bonding process, in the Wet and dry environment between the veneer and the plate easily fall off, delamination, the emergence of surface

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