Laminate use conservation

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Decoration process, exactly when the shop floor, often headache. Shop floor early, renovation workers have not quit, decoration work back and forth move, it will certainly bring to the wood floor wear and tear. As a result, many decoration team will be in hard-bottomed when the basic layout of the wood floor. However, when handling household appliances and furniture, due to careless handling workers, dragging, or will hurt the wooden floor, leaving a trail scratches. So, when paving the floor, it is best to wax once, to the upper floor of the "protective film."

For the first time, it is best to use a solid wax. Because, solid wax can prevent moisture from entering the floor, and block the dust, more protective. The composite floor can choose liquid wax. Second, the waxing process is also stress. Many cleaning companies still use the conservative way, the use of artificial grinding, polishing, this will make the wax uneven thickness, and prone to sticky feet summer heat phenomenon. The service network uses imported machines polished, polished, in addition to uniform thickness, the effect of waxing after the floor is better than artificial waxing, gloss higher.

In addition, it is important to remind that the daily care of wooden flooring is also important. Many users usually do not pay attention, that once played a wax, you can not care for life. In actual fact, the floor after a period of time, it will naturally wear. Coupled with people walking friction, furniture and items of movement, will cause damage to the floor, especially often wipe the floor with water, but also will accelerate the aging of the floor.

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