Floor maintenance needs to be continued

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Keep parquet dry and clean, do not allow the mop to drip mop the floor or use alkaline water, soapy water to avoid damaging the gloss of the paint surface; if the home air is dry, the mop can be wet or put a pot of water on the heater Or humidifier humidifier.

Parquet try to avoid the sun exposure, so as to avoid the surface of the paint in the long-term UV irradiation ahead of aging, cracking. Parquet as far as possible to avoid contact with water for a long time, in particular, can not be in contact with hot water, so once the hot water sprinkled on the parquet, to dry in time.

Parquet local board accidentally stained stains should be promptly removed, if oil, available cloth dipped in warm water moistened with a small amount of detergent scrub, if the drug or paint, must not be contaminated before the wood surface to be removed. To prevent heavy metal sharps, glass tiles, shoe studs and other hard objects scratch the floor; mobile furniture should not be directly on the floor sliding, lifting should be lifted and light. Often move the furniture can stick a layer of rubber in the bottom.

Parquet best once every three months to play a wax, waxing before the parquet flooring surface stains clean. In fact, not playing can be, but often waxing, can maintain the parquet finish, parquet flooring to extend the life of.


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