environmental protection of the wooden door

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protection, paint once destroyed, not only affect the appearance, and will further affect the internal structure of the product. This requires us to use cotton and soft cloth gently wipe the surface of the wardrobe dust. Solid wood wardrobe is generally need to regularly waxing maintenance, under normal circumstances, only once a quarter can be a wax, so that the wardrobe looks shiny and the surface will

not vacuum, clean up easier. And when the daily cleaning do not use oily detergent, this will make the surface of the closet whitening phenomenon. If the wardrobe surface stains, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove, use the warm tea to remove the stains gently, until the water after evaporation in the original part coated with a little light wax, and then gently wipe several times to form

a protective film The Third, the placement should pay attention to the daily life, the wardrobe should be placed anywhere in the sun to avoid the overall exposure to the wardrobe or local long exposure, or transparent tulle curtains separated from direct sunlight, so that neither affect the indoor Lighting, but also make soft for the room to add a few warm and romantic atmosphere, while protecting the interior

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